Friday, July 31, 2009

How do you argue with this?

Update: He's saying "Watch Barney?" It's the story of our lives these days.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visit to the Stockyards

Looking at the longhorns.
Augustine really liked this little guy...
...until I put 25 cents in and it started moving...
So Colleen road it instead.
Family at the Stockyards.

He was in love with this little stage coach.
Aunt Colleen.
Aunt Megan.
Happy day
Fun with a stage coach.
The hands at Billy Bobs.
A horse named Bose and a real cowgirl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

South Fork Ranch - "Dallas"

Megan and Colleen were visiting, so we decided to let them out of the house. The South Fork Ranch of Dallas fame was nearby something that we could do in the rainy weather. The only one of us who have ever seen the show and has any idea of what it's about is Sean. I know that it's a night time soap opera about a rich Dallas family. And that there's some big deal about "Who shot JR?" Maybe we'll watch it on DVD now.

Flags from some of the countries Dallas airs in.
Sean on the unairconditioned shuttle bus.
Megan and Colleen on the unairconditioned shuttle bus.
Shot from the bus. It was rainy.
The pool area.
The dining room was totally-fancy-80s-Texas. Especially the faux fabric border wall paper.

Sean in the living room.
Megan and Colleen in front of the booze. Did you know that in the show, whenever they drink, it's real booze? It's true. That's what they told us.
Another bedroom.
Family shot.
Master bedroom. Insane canopy. You could walk around the bed, it was in the center of the room.
Gratuitous bathroom shots.
Phone in the bathroom.
We liked a lot of things about this huge bathroom. Especially the metalic blinds.
Between the blinds and all the mirrors, it sort of gave us a headache.
Family shot.
I liked the pool and landscaping a lot.

From the front porch balcony.
Front view.
The driveway, that the guide said was "not long enough" for the show and had to be edited longer. Or that's what they told me she said. I missed that part of the lecture. My son was yelling.
More outside. Pretty awnings.
The Ewing Office
More outside.
This little horse was cute. Until it poked it's head out of the fence at us and revealed green, disgusting teeth. Augustine said it was "scary". We agreed.
Dude from the show's car.

Megan and Colleen had fun trying on hats. We ended our trip with this hat fashion show.